Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Faust claims the sextape was filmed in a hotel downtown Atlanta with a professional film crew of about five. As most have already suspected, Faust claims the sextape was produced with the hopes of acclaiming fame like the leaked sextapes of socialites Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Initially, Faust and Smith claimed that their leaked sextape was a result of stolen bag from a Bahamas airport which contained the scandalous footage. Sources claim that Mimi Faust, ex-girlfriend of hit maker Stevie J, is very jealous of the attention one cast mate in particular. We can only assume she is speaking of rapping Puerto Rican princess and now wife of Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, but that has not been confirmed. Faust has stated that she now regrets the sextape and hope to buy back the rights from Vivid Entertainment, a leading pornographic film production company. Every single time she lied about that tape being homemade I was just like.. Get it together. TashaSays In my mind, on my heart, through my hands.

Did Mimi Faust Break Up With Boyfriend Nikko Because He’s Gay?

To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. Love and Hip Hop star Mimi Faust got to the top of the tabloid headlines early this year following the “leaked” release of the sex tape she made with her boyfriend Nikko Smith during a vacation. The uploaded clip went viral, and now, as revealed by WetPaint , we will see in the reality show’s next episode that Benzino wants to share in the limelight by having their pictures grace the cover of his magazine – “Hip Hop Weekly.

Benzino refused, telling her that he has the right to use a photo of her and Nikko for the cover of his magazine, without getting their permission and without having to pay them. I will tie up your magazine so crazy because I do have lawyers, so you can do that if you want.

Okay folks, Love & Hip Hop star, Mimi Faust and boyfriend Nikko have gone Yung Joc who is now dating current cast member Karlie Redd.

Back in Mimi made a sex tape that became a surprise Internet sensation. That’s not a knock on Mimi’s appearance or bedroom skills. Anyway, Mimi has since broken up with Nikko London – the co-star in her “leaked” skin flick – but that doesn’t mean her days of shocking fans with her love life are over. Many of them were surprised to learn that Chris is actually a woman named Christine.

According to those in her inner circle, Mimi had never before expressed any interest on swimming in the lady pond. Yeah, it’s a tad confusing, but apparently Chris self-identifies as a man, and Mimi says that’s good enough for her. We’re not here to judge and we encourage Mimi to find love and hip hop with whomever she pleases. Of course, this is the same woman who admitted her sex tape was a planned PR stunt only after it had been circulating the Internet for several weeks, so don’t be surprised if it turns out this is all for attention.

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Spoiler: Mimi Faust vs. Benzino Lawsuit Threat Drama Over Sex Tape Scandal

Now I Trash love this show in all of its basic glory. The show is hilarious and the amount of fuckery this cast exposes is just glorious. Now Mimi has always come across as a relatively composed, if somewhat weak willed woman.

Find the editorial stock photo of Mimi Faust Nikko Smith, and more photos In The Making’ Birthday Event, New York, America – 31 May

On the cusp of filming Season 4 of the famed Love and Hip Hop Atlanta franchise, Mimi graciously made time in her busy schedule of filming, writing her book, running her side businesses and raised her gorgeous daughter Eva, to talk to me and offer an insight into her world. Gracious would be the key word used to describe Faust, who has gone through her fair share of drama over the last few years, as she navigates her way through the personal tragedies to emerge on the other end a true survivor.

From humiliation and heartbreak as her relationship with Stevie crumbled under the pain of public infidelity and scandal to powerful redemption and re-invention of self, Mimi has bared her soul for the world to see and walks with her head and heart intact as she tackles the everyday challenges of co-parenting with her now ex-partner Stevie and their daughter, and providing finically for her own empire.

How one does come out of these fires unscathed … Mimi Faust could write a book on it! As she enters the 4 th season a show that has truly been a lesson on pleasure and pain for the beautiful entrepreneur, what we learn about Mimi is that she is not afraid to be human in an environment where all women are concerned about showing are their assets.

Mimi is a living, breathing example of woman who has flaws, has made mistakes and has fought and lost in the war of love, what we also learn is that there is so much more to this stunning beauty in that she is a fiercely independent woman who knows the value of working for what you want. As she focusses on her future as a single mother to her daughter, Mimi is excited about the various business opportunities that has happened upon her in recent times.

She is working on her first book, a memoir that lends itself to capturing more of her childhood and formative years leading to the woman she has become. She also runs her successful interior cleaning and designing company to the upper eschalon in Atlanta and is building the arm of that company to launch her own interior accessories and decorating brand ensemble so the woman is busy and loving every minute of her designing life.

Talking to Mimi was like kicking back with a girlfriend and sharing the gossip and giggles of the day. Its moments like those and interviews like this that make me fall in love with the essence of my job as a writer of truths and heart matters and I am so proud to have connected with a woman like Mimi, who lives fearlessly in the pursuit of her dreams and does what she does not for the love of hip hop, but with the love of a mother! Hi Mimi, such a pleasure to speak with you — How are you and how is life treating you?

Mimi Faust Lost But the Shower Rod Won

Thanks to my girl Mimi we now have a new fascination with shower rods. Who knew you could do all of that on a shower rod? Well I got Mimi on the phone and learned some very interesting things.

Free Online Library: Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Sex Tape: Mimi Wants to “​Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Mimi Faust talked about her sex tape with boyfriend said Mimi, reported by (​hip-hop- Steve told the couple that he obtained the tape and now wanted to distribute it.

All articles and comments on her part range from shocked to defensive at the accidental “leak” of the video, which currently has exclusive clips for PerezHilton. However, in the recently-released trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of LHH: ATL , Mimi is already discussing her desire to make a sex tape with her boyfriend, her reaction to its release, and her negotiation of a compensation deal with a Vivid Entertainment executive.

How is it that the sex tape clips, filmed at production-level quality, were released the same day the trailer detailing the event was already on Vh1’s website and had been televised? The answer, I’ve concluded, is that it was a pre-planned promotion to increase ratings for the show. The new trailer for the third season introduces several new characters, and therefore story lines, to the show.

Given that in two past reunions, Faust has aimed to reconcile with her child’s father, Stevie J, and his new girlfriend Joseline Hernandez, many viewers may have tuned out under the presumption that their storyline would be retired. Though this wouldn’t necessary lead to Faust being cut from the show, it certainly provides incentive to maintain the spotlight, especially in order to keep those reality show paychecks coming.

It certainly is a stunt that grabbed headlines on several online news publications and blogs, as many people attempted to discern whether or not the tape’s release was an accident and why it was created period. It’s probably the smartest move Faust could’ve made to maintain her reality television spotlight and money, but there are a couple of issues that stem from this incident.

First and foremost, Mimi Faust is a year-old woman with a now 4-year-old daughter, making this completely unacceptable and inappropriate by most standards. Especially given that Faust spent much of the show criticizing Stevie J and Hernandez for being immoral on the basis of sex, infidelity, and being a negative influence around her child, this is a bold and somewhat hypocritical move for her. This is not the mistake of a misguided woman in her early twenties or a struggling child star trying to transition into adulthood, which is exactly why questions of Faust’s responsibility and priorities as a parent are being so strongly questioned.

Finally: Mimi Faust Admits To Staging ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Sex Tape Drama

Might have to put you on the bus. Buffalo-born Stevie J, 44, is a certified reality star — he plays to his charms and gives the people what they want. The first show debuted in , and it instantly turned into reality TV gold. In , the network had the second-largest year-over-year net ratings gain of any nonsports cable network among adults in the demographic.

Joseline and Stevie J.

Alongside the perfectly-timed but merely coincidental news that stars Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith will showcase their sexual trysts on camera.

EST on VH1! Your email address will not be published. Let us know what you have to say:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Still feeling butthurt from yesterday catastrophe? Why not get more information about it? I know she wants to pay homage and Cassie and all that but her vocal floppacity has no chill. Alas, this is too much mess even for myself to fix.

Call on Jesus to fix it honey, but ill still be watching. I will be tuned in to this ratchet festival as well. This shitt is pure comedy! Do they think we stupid? We watch the mess for entertainment purposes! Simply sad.

Mimi Faust of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ does a sex tape

Mimi Faust, one of the cast members, is releasing something that no housewife that I know has ever marketed: a sex tape. The adult film company plans to release “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. In fact, they are using it as a major plot point in trailers to season three, which starts May 5.

Today, TMZ announced that a sex tape starring Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta infamy would be released by Vivid Entertainment. It stars Mimi and her boyfriend, Nikko Smith, who resembles the sloth from Now I have to explain all of the crazy laughter coming from my April 15, at am.

Michelle and Joseline Hernandez , have provided their opinion on the matter dishing out their criticism , Mimi has kept her thoughts to herself. Mimi meanwhile has been partying it up with Smith at local ATL clubs. Who has since released a single referencing his sexcapades with Faust. She’s a content curator and full-time digital strategist who enjoys writing lifestyle content that inspires women, especially women of color. I really do not know why people are going in on her.

I mean she did a sex tape. What is the big deal. She has a daughter. That is the issue. What kind of role model is she being for her own child? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Mimi Faust Drops Thousands To Settle Tax Debt

Mimi Faust has had a rocky past month or two. That sex tape got out and the criticism poured in from everyday folks, Steve Harey of all people, and many of her co-stars. She just lost her father. The day before I was on the radio, V here in Atlanta, and they asked me about him taking care of his kids.

Mimi Faust addresses Nikkos secret wife. Hop Atlanta” when Nikko revealed that he was already married to another woman, Margo Simms.

By Rahad Abir on April 16, 2 Comments. The couple made a sex tape, which is scheduled to be available in this month. On the other hand, producers of the popular reality TV show of the VH1 network are not bothered about it at all. Rather, they are taking this as a key turning point in trailers to season three that begins on May 5. Grammy award winner Stevie J. They had been together for a pretty long time, from to At some stage in season two, Faust began dating producer Nikko.

Particularly when someone is a well-known reality television celebrity and a mother. Faust in fact believed their sex life was so wonderful that she wanted to document it. Joseline Hernandez, who notably feuded with Faust on the show, took to Twitter after hearing the news of this sex video and shared several posts about the reality star-turned-porn star. Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment said once he came to know about the sex tape of Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust, he got in touch with them to establish a contract before releasing the tape.

According to him, the reality show producers also want to see the film become a success.

‘LHHATL’ star Mimi Faust Has a New Man and He’s a Reality Star Too!

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